North South Logistic Service rose from humble beginnings in 2005. Our Core Competence lies in providing Containerized Vehicles and Customer Designed Vehicles in providing complete supply chain management solutions. We have a strong client base of India's leading automotive & other manufacturers Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.,Carrier Air conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd, Denso Kirloskar Industries Pvt. Ltd., Barista coffee Co. Ltd., Hydrolines India Pvt. Ltd., Navami Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Beaver Automotive Pvt. Ltd. and Safe Express, to name a few. 
In N.S. Logistic we believe in the principle that three things make a nation prosper, fertilesoil, industry and the ease of moving people and goods. It is the belief that has helped a great deal in the success story of our Company. We believe in our quality policy and that’s the reason we have not diluted our system by franchising our services.



  • N.S. Logistic will strengthen its existing leadership position in Transportation, Cargo, & Logistics
  • The company will diversify into new activities, which will contribute to the Company’s continuing growth & profitability
  • We will continually improve our services and products to meet customer’s needs, allowing us to prosper with a reasonable return on investment.
  • The achievement of our Mission will be guided by following beliefs:


People: Our people are the source of our strength. We must provide them an environment that promotes professional growth,self-development and due recognition of performance & achievement.
System & Technology:We will invest in the most advanced Systems and Technology appropriate to our business. 
Ethics: We will maintain high ethical standards in our dealing with customers, suppliers and the community at large.


Our Values

We shall respect the dignity of the individual and so we shall:

  • Not discriminate on the basis of caste, religion or gender
  • Be caring to all employees
  • Treat people, as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • Create an environment that is conducive to learning and development

We shall be transparent and fair in our behaviour by:

  • Being honest in our dealing with customers and business partners
  • Being open to new and diverse ideas and approaches from our employees and customers
  • Ensuring a fair system of assessment of performance

We shall nurture personal initiative, commitment and loyalty, by rewarding those who: 

  • Take the lead and are pro-active in their approach to work
  • Take a continued interest in improving the performance of our business
  • Set and exhibit high standards of performance and excellence

We shall foster team spirit by supporting those who:

  • Build good working relationships with colleagues across all departments
  • Are willing to take responsibility and offer support through their own initiative
  • Contribute actively to the improvement of services to customers

We shall always feel responsible to the communities in which we live and work through:

  • Good conduct in public and with our neighbours
  • Support of civic improvements
  • Reducing wastage of every kind and protecting the environment